Thursday, 5 March 2015

My week in photos: the "From Slovakia to Korea" edition

By: Zana

Hey guys!

Just wanted to upload some photos I took as it is exactly a week since I left for South Korea :-)
                                   Breakfast at hotel in Prague                              All packed up at the airport

The view of our plane
Literally flew across whole Asia to Seoul
I took a no-make-up selfie at the airport
My first lunch in Korea (which I ordered by Korean... wooop)
btw: looks better than it tastes
Then I ate some more... favorite :-)


        I wore black on white on gray                                 Took a selfie                                               Made myself a green dark rice tea

Got a first coffee in Korea....which came with a Merry Christmas wish... in March
                                         Got bored 

Walked around and found a park

And found a typical Korean market

Monday, 2 March 2015

Foreigner in Korea: First impressions

By: Zana

                               Hello people! J

As I promised I’m writing my first blogpost from Korea! I survived my 16 hours long flight(s) (in total with transfer) and happily landed in Seoul on Friday 11am. Then I traveled by train to Busan where we got picked up by our Korean buddies (students who are supposed to be helping us here) and took us to Gimhae, where we all had dinner together.

I have spent my first week-end just wandering around the town looking at everything, still trying to actually believe that I am in Korea. People here are very nice and always try to help you. 

Beautiful wall graffiti :-)

Apart from Gimhae being really clean and tidy (no trash on the ground whatsoever… okay, maybe from here and there, but really minimal) I have been struck by the stares and glances I get all the time. I was walking with my friend around and a few people actually stopped by to say how beautiful we were just because we were foreigners. :-D It is kind of nice but sometimes the stares are the sort of unwanted attention that makes me uncomfortable. :-)      

As far as the food goes, I am not really a fan of spiciness that makes you tear up a little, so the food for me is not the best part. But when I'm able to find something that isn't spicy (like Kimbap on the left), it's really good! 

At school, we had our placement test today and according to our results all three of us (I came here to study with 2 classmates, if you didn't figure that out yet) ended up in the advanced level of Korean language and my first thought was. R.I.P. Hopefully, I will manage :-) 

My first classes start tomorrow and I am excited and curious how it's gonna be.  

The one thing that's definitely crazy is the traffic! Koreans drive insanely insane, fast and it makes me feel unsafe at some points. 

Another thing that caught my eye is how fashionable 99% of Koreans are. They always try to look their best and even when they are wearing sweatpants they are really well dressed around it. They simply care about their appearance more than in Slovakia. Even though Gimhae is a very small town in comparison to Seoul or Busan, young people here are always dressy.  (I will maybe try to get some pictures of Korean fashion...I don't know.)

At campus
Small stream with a nice and calm path- great for walks

View form the dormitory window 
Restaurant with hanging lamps (must look cool while dark) 
That's it for now, I will write again with more exciting stories :) 
See you soon :-) 

Monday, 23 February 2015

My next big thing: Travelling to KOREA!

By: Z.

In just two days I am leaving to experience the most exciting and frightening trip of my life. I have received a scholarship to spend one semester studying in Gimhae, South Korea. I have never been away from home (home meaning Slovakia) for more than a week or so.... So yeah, spending four months on the other side of the world is quite unimaginable. But at the same time I am really looking forward to it. I kind of see it as my next big thing bc these past few months I have been doing nothing exciting :-) 

I'm gonna make sure to document my whole trip right here on our blog as well as on our instagram and my twitter acc (@followzuzu)... 

Travel blogging has always seemed exciting to me and I get to try it out which I feel extremely happy about. I am very luck that I got that chance...
Wish me luck and see you in the next post which will be from Korea! ^^

Post by: Zana

Friday, 6 February 2015

Thinking out loud: being single

By: Z.


Sometimes, living life gets hard to do. Especially when you feel like you're missing out on something.
Well, they say you can't miss what you never had and I agree. I'm 21yo and I have never been in a relationship. I don't know what it's like so I cannot really miss it, can I? 

??? Naturally, I often think about the reasons why I am still single with no prospect of it changing. Am I too picky? Am I not pretty enough? Am I spoiled by the books I've read, movies I've watched or songs I've listened to and am looking for the perfect match? Or am I simply not meeting the right people? It's hard to tell, really. I don't know.

But what I do know is that even though I am open to the possibility of finding a boyfriend I really do not miss it. I don't really mind being single because I got used to it. After 21 years of leading a life without a sign of romance, you could probably say that I adapted. No, not having a boyfriend doesn't bother me. 

The scary part is the PROSPECT. I'm speaking about the prospect of loneliness. Judging by my experience and just life in general- how can I be sure that I will find that special someone who is going to want to be with me? Someone who will ask me out and I will want to say YES? I just simply don't know~ and that's the part that sucks. 
I have never loved a boy before and I don't know if I will ever meet somebody to love. 

“Why haven't I got a husband and children?"
 mused Greta Garbo to the Dutchess of Windsor, 
"I never met a man I could marry.”

So if you ask me if I am getting depressed or sad because I am single then NO, I am not. But there are these dark moments in my life when I keep thinking about the future and I fear that it will never change. And that is quite disturbing...

Post by: Zana

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Just a little something

By: Z.

Lessons of the week:

I love my friends <3 
No matter how you feel, always treat the ones around you nicely.
Everyone has issues. I am not the only one.
For every thing you hate, find something you love.
I miss summer and running outside...
Shopping is my new best friend :-D
I wanna live my days so I can look back and smile, not cry or be happy they're over.
I like being creative but am never really doing anything creative.

I wanna go to Canada real bad.
Stressing about things I can't change is useless. Yet, I still do it :-/ Help. 

But despite all of my problems and stressful situations, I try staying positive. And although it didn't use to work, I think I'm getting better at it :-) *thumbs up* to myself. 

Post by: Zana

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September favorites

By: Z.

Hey there,

let me start with stating the obvious: it's October. September went away fast and it makes me only think about how quickly the summer ended. It's like it never even happened. With the first autumn days came also the first days of missing the holidays and wanting it to come back. But hey, I kind of like autumn so I'm gonna at least try and stay positive if nothing else. 
Thinking back, there were a few things that I've been enjoying this past month.

Movie/TV series: OUTLANDER

If you never heard of Outlander you should look it up now :-) It combines the perfect amount of fantasy, romance and history and with the great cast there is nothing I could have enjoyed more during cozy autumn evenings. The first half of the season one already ended but it is based on the book series so there should be a lot more coming up (the second half starts in April- the waiting will kill me for sure :-/ ). It focuses on the story of Claire who enjoys honeymoon with her husband Frank in Scotland but travels back in time to the 18th century. If you're anything like me and enjoy a good love story filled with adventures, strong woman characters and Scottish accent then you should definitely check it out :-)


I kind of feel like cheating because it is the only book I read in September so there isn't really anything else I could put in this category but, hey,  I really did enjoy reading this. I watched the movie first (I know, what have I done?!) and I must say I probably liked it more than the book (whaaaat?). I think that the story was incredible but it wasn't written very well if you know what I mean. It all happened so quickly in the book that there was no time to make some kind of connection with the characters. But as I said, the story... oh, the story. It was so beautiful that I didn't mind the flaws at all. 

"I fell in love the way you fall asleep. Slowly and then all at once."

I loved the characters of Augustus and Hazel Grace, I loved their trip to Amsterdam, I loved their love story and I cried more than once... okay, I cried pretty much all the time :-) But I loved that too. 
                                                                           "Okay?" "Okay." 

I can honestly say that this will be one of those books I will reread and cry like I did the first time.


This isn't a very difficult choice because this song was almost on a constant repeat :-) I like the whole Ultraviolence album very much but Brooklyn Baby somehow sticks out to me the most. Lana just fits into my music world perfectly and was the best choice for those cloudy melancholic September days. 

 "They judge me like a picture book by the colors like they forgot to read." 


I've been combining two nail polishes in September and it was the Maybelline Colorama in the shade 254 and the Astor Fashion Studio in the shade Majestic Lilac. For me they are the perfect fall colors, the nude shade keeps it casual while the deep lilac makes it interesting. I usually painted all my nails nude and then I painted my two ring fingers with the Astor nail polish and it's a combination I know I will often go back to :-)


(small disclaimer for future references: this category will mostly feature my internet obsessions like vlogs, blogs, youtubers, personalities etc...)  

As for my Internet favorites, this month I have been watching A LOT of Dota2 tournaments cheering for my favorite teams. I, myself, am not a very good Dota player (in fact, I kind of suck), but for some reason I really enjoy watching professionals compete against each other. There are many many many tournaments going on at the same time so I have no shortage of my daily Dota2 dose :-) 
(GO Team Secret ;-) )

Anyway, that's probably it for my September favorites. I hope you enjoyed it and it gave you some inspiration (maybe). There may be more favorites coming up in the future with some added categories :-) Have a wonderful October and stay tuned for the International Horror Story :-)

Friday, 19 September 2014

Autumn spirit

By: Z.

Some time has passed from my last post but there was really nothing exciting happening. I have been working, moving my stuff to dorm and enjoying the last days of summer holiday. Speaking of… Let’s pretend for a while that school isn’t starting this Monday and let’s focus on something positive. Even though autumn kind of represents the stress of upcoming school months I still like it as a season. J There is always this time in summer when I get excited about fall…
I really love love love those cozy evenings when I get back home, make myself a cup of tea, cover myself with blankets and read a book or watch movie/TV show. There’s just something special about that cool-weather atmosphere that it just doesn’t feel the same during summer or spring. Currently I’m reading The fault in our stars because I loved the movie and I already have a full list of other books I plan on reading.

Since I mentioned the cool weather…I am obsessed with sweater weather because I feel that it represents my fashion style the best. I think that the whole dressing in sweaters is simple and effortless but still looks nice and not sloppy. J

My random pick from ... Here is my profile for those of you who are interested: CORALINEE

Also going to cafés becomes much easier for me now as I can always order tea or hot chocolate which isn’t often the best choice in summer. I really wish that this time I will be able to find more time to meet with M. and V. outside our homes more often. I love it when we can catch up (especially with M. since I live with V.) in our favorite café which doesn’t happen that often because we are lazy and choose to stay at home :D. Yeah, we suck sometimes.

One negative thing, though, is that this time last year I was excited about our approaching little trip to Prague in October and this year there is no such thing :-( So I really don’t have anything to look forward to :-( 

Me and M. in Prague during autumn last year. The weather was amazing- sweater weather at its best :-)

Anyway, that’s about it from me. I hope you have more positive feelings about going back to school than me. I don’t know. I just have this strange feeling that it’ll be extra hard this year. I hope it’s not true, though. 

With lots of love

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Why not change? Why not Kanye?

By: M.


How are you? 
Today, when it is raining cats and dogs in Slovakia, I've decided to write something. I'm not really sure what will come out of this, but let's try. :)
TMI or fun fact, there are hens in our yard (we don't own hens). They are looking through window at me. Privacy, hens, have you heard of it? :D One has just slipped a bit. :D I'm a terrible person. :D
Uhm, let's recall what I have been enjoying this past two months so far.
I got hooked on different types of music. I mean I've always liked pop, rock or oldies in general, but this summer I branched out to other music genres or I wasn't afraid to embrace this musical change in my taste. Never in a million years though I would found myself one day listening to new Fall Out Boy album. I mean, I have nothing against this music, it's just never been my kind of music. 
Ok, to sum it up, I started listening to indie and hipster stuff. Artists I've never heard of or who are not that mainstream and who are like... also present. (Arctic Monkeys, G-Eazy, Stromae, California Wives, Tired Pony, Billy Barman, Tegan and Sara, Mikky Ekko, The 1975, George Ezra...and one or two songs from many other not very known artists.)

Then, when it comes to pop/mainstream scene I'm proud fan of Beyoncé, Little Mix, Macklemore, Iggy Azalea, Rita Ora and... oh I even listen to one Kanye West's song. I mean... what happened to me? :D Never thought I would change my musical taste in this direction. Oh yeah, confessing, I like the new 1D song, Fireproof. 
Also my fashion taste got darker & more minimalistic. I think, perhaps it goes hand in hand with my musical change. Or, I like either very simple, elegant accessories or very unique ones. And beside Taylor Swift and Kate Middleton as my fashion inspirations I'm starting to admire Alexa Chung effortless style. (Click here) Btw. grunge style is also starting to grow on me. Well, it's safe to say it's interesting what is happening to me or these changes are interesting to watch. 

Oh and I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars like a week ago. Still hasn't watched the movie, didn't gather enough courage to cry that much again and be left feeling really... just sad, because the book is simply and just sad. *sigh* Nevertheless I recommend it but be aware it will leave you emotionally torned and selfishly grateful with what you have and also paranoid/scared for future. Cancer is b*tch. Also I think TFIOS is the best anti-smoking campaign ever for teens. :D Uhm, what else? 
I have become more judgeless when it comes to movies, music or fashion. I used to beat up myself for a chance that I might like that silly pop song or rom-com. And for what? Society is cruel enough, so why should I be hard on myself too? Changes are inevitable, fun and how boring it would be to stay the same person with the same tastes and interests? So I'm all for exploring with no prejudices or fear. I like it, great. I don't like it, nevermind, maybe later, maybe never. 

I will end this with two amazing quotes.
"I've always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be."
Dita von Teese

"I never change, I simply become more myself."
Joyce Carol Oates

!!And forget about this: My taste in music ranges from “you need to listen to this” to “I know, please don’t judge me.” !!

*Until next time, embrace the change/s*

In case you didn't believe me.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

My half month round up

By: V.

After quite a long time another post, yay
Half of the month has passed since last update, so I figured I’ll just write about what was going on.
Summer holiday is almost gone and the sad part of the year is starting soon.  Something this summer will be remembered for is definitely Dota 2. All the streams and matches me and Z. watched together. I swear that every summer there is this one game we get obsessed with. Now I can honestly say that I know a lot more dota 2 pro players and casters than I know kpop celebrities
- and that says something about it ‘cause of my big k-pop part of my life back in 2012.
Another thing that summer holiday just can’t go without is a series marathon. This summer: Orange is the new black- loved it, House of cards- loved it and rerun of Misfits- absolutely adore the first season. Other than that -Suits and the last season of True blood.
Now I can’t wait for all the new seasons of fall series to begin!
And last movie I watched was Maleficent and I kind of had higher expectations. To me, the whole movie seemed like a really long trailer. Like nothing ever happened. I was disappointed, but Angelina is still such a good actress.
Highlight movie of the summer? Definitely Guardians of the galaxy.

I’ll also miss all the evening walks, just us three hanging out. Since we attend college in different cities we won’t spend as much time together during the year.
Next thing that happened in August is my part time job that I got. I’d like to get as much work experience as I can so here’s a step to become a self-made woman. :D
Also the weather was behaving horribly. Past two weeks seemed like fall already. I have a feeling like I did not enjoy the summer enough.

And these early days of September were all about packing for college and moving to dorm. Semester starts on the 22nd, so at least I still have a few free days. Right now I am unfortunately ill and writing this post from bed with a tissue in my hand and a cup of hot tea next to me. Well, cheers. Here’s to getting well in what I hope to be a short time!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Like "Purge" but different

By: V. & Z.


Let’s skip the small talk and cut right to the chase. We happen to be quite the opposite of outgoing (we are not party people), but one night in a year all crazy stuff is allowed. Just like the movie  Purge  minus the crime part. :D
So, it happens to be on 11th of August- Z’s nameday-when we get together and celebrate ‘till the early hours of the morning .
It was just three of us hanging out and getting tipsy on cosmopolitan. We started the cosmo tradition a year ago as a salute to Sex and the city series, because we are classy like that. :D
We discussed many topics, such as the meaning of our lives and (not) being wild&young. You know the drill.
We were planning on going to the club and dance the heck out of ourselves, but apparently on a Monday night the city is empty, so we guess it was not meant to be. So, we kept it calm and simple- lame if you must. But we had fun anyway.

Here is the night in a few photos.

                             The preparation of drinks- cutting the fruits, mixing vodka with juice and M. covering Z. to protect her outfit. :D 

Z.&M. posing for a picture

 And at last 3 throwback photos from last year. At that time we actually managed to go to the club and dance. What a memory- we still think and laugh about it now. :P
But later about that...

Well, untill next year we probably won't be partying the three of us together. (Is it sad? Is it? Really?)