Thursday, 4 September 2014

My half month round up

By: V.

After quite a long time another post, yay
Half of the month has passed since last update, so I figured I’ll just write about what was going on.
Summer holiday is almost gone and the sad part of the year is starting soon.  Something this summer will be remembered for is definitely Dota 2. All the streams and matches me and Z. watched together. I swear that every summer there is this one game we get obsessed with. Now I can honestly say that I know a lot more dota 2 pro players and casters than I know kpop celebrities
- and that says something about it ‘cause of my big k-pop part of my life back in 2012.
Another thing that summer holiday just can’t go without is a series marathon. This summer: Orange is the new black- loved it, House of cards- loved it and rerun of Misfits- absolutely adore the first season. Other than that -Suits and the last season of True blood.
Now I can’t wait for all the new seasons of fall series to begin!
And last movie I watched was Maleficent and I kind of had higher expectations. To me, the whole movie seemed like a really long trailer. Like nothing ever happened. I was disappointed, but Angelina is still such a good actress.
Highlight movie of the summer? Definitely Guardians of the galaxy.

I’ll also miss all the evening walks, just us three hanging out. Since we attend college in different cities we won’t spend as much time together during the year.
Next thing that happened in August is my part time job that I got. I’d like to get as much work experience as I can so here’s a step to become a self-made woman. :D
Also the weather was behaving horribly. Past two weeks seemed like fall already. I have a feeling like I did not enjoy the summer enough.

And these early days of September were all about packing for college and moving to dorm. Semester starts on the 22nd, so at least I still have a few free days. Right now I am unfortunately ill and writing this post from bed with a tissue in my hand and a cup of hot tea next to me. Well, cheers. Here’s to getting well in what I hope to be a short time!

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