Thursday, 5 March 2015

My week in photos: the "From Slovakia to Korea" edition

By: Zana

Hey guys!

Just wanted to upload some photos I took as it is exactly a week since I left for South Korea :-)
                                   Breakfast at hotel in Prague                              All packed up at the airport

The view of our plane
Literally flew across whole Asia to Seoul
I took a no-make-up selfie at the airport
My first lunch in Korea (which I ordered by Korean... wooop)
btw: looks better than it tastes
Then I ate some more... favorite :-)


        I wore black on white on gray                                 Took a selfie                                               Made myself a green dark rice tea

Got a first coffee in Korea....which came with a Merry Christmas wish... in March
                                         Got bored 

Walked around and found a park

And found a typical Korean market

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