Sunday, 3 August 2014

Converting to Divergent?

By: M.


How are you enjoying summer?
I this week have visited my friend Dm. We had one of those movie days. We watched Divergent, although neither of us read it, and then comedy The Other Woman. 

Personally I was nicely surprised by Divergent. Even though I had my usual snarky comments about it (Dm could tell you) I enjoyed that movie far more than I had expected to. First half was kind of MEH but then the plot speeded up and it caught my attention. It had some really cheesy/lame parts, but the atmosphere of the story felt good... I don't know. I just liked it in the end. :D And you know the rule: Book is always better than a movie, sooo now I really want to read it and not gonna lie, Four is by far the most interesting character in the story and probablyyy a reason why I'm intrigued. Also this movie left me with existential crisis like...I would probably be faction less. Haha. *nervously laughing*

Overall it was well-spent day. Dm prepared a lot of nibbles to nibble. :D Chocolate brownie! But then we kept it also healthy by nibbling to raspberries and peaches, you knoooow to balance the sugar & guilt! We talked a lot and were able to snap this amazing selfie! ;P


Also, last week I had kind of a mother-daughter day with my mum and it was super fun. It's been a long time since we went shopping together and spent almost entire day just the two of us. We went for a coffee, since my mum had nameday and she loves coffee way too much it was perfect celebrating choice. She ordered Ethiopian coffee, one of the best coffees in the world according to the menu and after that she told me this day made her happy, which made this moment for me one of my fave memories with my mum. ;) 
And it still makes me smile. 

*Until next time, make amazing memories!* :)


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    1. Yes, you should! I recommend it. I liked the idea and the story a lot. I am very much curious about the sequel! ;P M.