Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Just a little something

By: Z.

Lessons of the week:

I love my friends <3 
No matter how you feel, always treat the ones around you nicely.
Everyone has issues. I am not the only one.
For every thing you hate, find something you love.
I miss summer and running outside...
Shopping is my new best friend :-D
I wanna live my days so I can look back and smile, not cry or be happy they're over.
I like being creative but am never really doing anything creative.

I wanna go to Canada real bad.
Stressing about things I can't change is useless. Yet, I still do it :-/ Help. 

But despite all of my problems and stressful situations, I try staying positive. And although it didn't use to work, I think I'm getting better at it :-) *thumbs up* to myself. 

Post by: Zana

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