Sunday, 14 September 2014

Why not change? Why not Kanye?

By: M.


How are you? 
Today, when it is raining cats and dogs in Slovakia, I've decided to write something. I'm not really sure what will come out of this, but let's try. :)
TMI or fun fact, there are hens in our yard (we don't own hens). They are looking through window at me. Privacy, hens, have you heard of it? :D One has just slipped a bit. :D I'm a terrible person. :D
Uhm, let's recall what I have been enjoying this past two months so far.
I got hooked on different types of music. I mean I've always liked pop, rock or oldies in general, but this summer I branched out to other music genres or I wasn't afraid to embrace this musical change in my taste. Never in a million years though I would found myself one day listening to new Fall Out Boy album. I mean, I have nothing against this music, it's just never been my kind of music. 
Ok, to sum it up, I started listening to indie and hipster stuff. Artists I've never heard of or who are not that mainstream and who are like... also present. (Arctic Monkeys, G-Eazy, Stromae, California Wives, Tired Pony, Billy Barman, Tegan and Sara, Mikky Ekko, The 1975, George Ezra...and one or two songs from many other not very known artists.)

Then, when it comes to pop/mainstream scene I'm proud fan of Beyoncé, Little Mix, Macklemore, Iggy Azalea, Rita Ora and... oh I even listen to one Kanye West's song. I mean... what happened to me? :D Never thought I would change my musical taste in this direction. Oh yeah, confessing, I like the new 1D song, Fireproof. 
Also my fashion taste got darker & more minimalistic. I think, perhaps it goes hand in hand with my musical change. Or, I like either very simple, elegant accessories or very unique ones. And beside Taylor Swift and Kate Middleton as my fashion inspirations I'm starting to admire Alexa Chung effortless style. (Click here) Btw. grunge style is also starting to grow on me. Well, it's safe to say it's interesting what is happening to me or these changes are interesting to watch. 

Oh and I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars like a week ago. Still hasn't watched the movie, didn't gather enough courage to cry that much again and be left feeling really... just sad, because the book is simply and just sad. *sigh* Nevertheless I recommend it but be aware it will leave you emotionally torned and selfishly grateful with what you have and also paranoid/scared for future. Cancer is b*tch. Also I think TFIOS is the best anti-smoking campaign ever for teens. :D Uhm, what else? 
I have become more judgeless when it comes to movies, music or fashion. I used to beat up myself for a chance that I might like that silly pop song or rom-com. And for what? Society is cruel enough, so why should I be hard on myself too? Changes are inevitable, fun and how boring it would be to stay the same person with the same tastes and interests? So I'm all for exploring with no prejudices or fear. I like it, great. I don't like it, nevermind, maybe later, maybe never. 

I will end this with two amazing quotes.
"I've always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be."
Dita von Teese

"I never change, I simply become more myself."
Joyce Carol Oates

!!And forget about this: My taste in music ranges from “you need to listen to this” to “I know, please don’t judge me.” !!

*Until next time, embrace the change/s*

In case you didn't believe me.

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