Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Like "Purge" but different

By: V. & Z.


Let’s skip the small talk and cut right to the chase. We happen to be quite the opposite of outgoing (we are not party people), but one night in a year all crazy stuff is allowed. Just like the movie  Purge  minus the crime part. :D
So, it happens to be on 11th of August- Z’s nameday-when we get together and celebrate ‘till the early hours of the morning .
It was just three of us hanging out and getting tipsy on cosmopolitan. We started the cosmo tradition a year ago as a salute to Sex and the city series, because we are classy like that. :D
We discussed many topics, such as the meaning of our lives and (not) being wild&young. You know the drill.
We were planning on going to the club and dance the heck out of ourselves, but apparently on a Monday night the city is empty, so we guess it was not meant to be. So, we kept it calm and simple- lame if you must. But we had fun anyway.

Here is the night in a few photos.

                             The preparation of drinks- cutting the fruits, mixing vodka with juice and M. covering Z. to protect her outfit. :D 

Z.&M. posing for a picture

 And at last 3 throwback photos from last year. At that time we actually managed to go to the club and dance. What a memory- we still think and laugh about it now. :P
But later about that...

Well, untill next year we probably won't be partying the three of us together. (Is it sad? Is it? Really?)

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bomb... I mean fire!

By: M.

Hi guys!

Friday was one unusual day. First I met up with Dm again, for coffee to celebrate her nameday. (Yes another nameday and coffee celebrating. Shout out to coffee.;) ) Then we went shopping. And when we were browsing some clothes in one particular shopping mall, suddenly we heard announcement regarding fire. It ended with, this is not a training.

The "look"

At first I was like: Did I hear correctly? And then I looked and Dm. She had the same look on her face as me. Then the announcement was repeated and shop assistants were already coming to us and pointing us to emergency exit. (I guess I can now tick off this experience from my invisible list of life things and situations. *yay*) So we left through those emergency doors and were kind of stunned and annoyed. Such a luck. Really. We thought to ourselves 'cause I was about to try on something, so... Ah. *being ungrateful and materialistic*

            No lights in restrooms, yep we got back there                                 In front of the shopping mall with fire fighters

Seconds later we learned that someone called in and reported bomb in that shopping mall. So it wasn't fire as they had announced previously. (They lied to us, but I can only imagine the hysteria if we and all the people heard about the bomb...so no hard feelings announcement guy. *wink*)
And suddenly this "news" amused us. Why were we amused? Let me explain. In Slovakia, there were plenty of these kinds of incidents, but I don't recall if any were like legit. Like real deal, you know. So... We were like 99% sure that this is a prank or false alarm, probably created by some bored teenager or grumpy customer.

Uhm, I'm sporting pink and orange nail polish on my toes. 

When I came home, Dm had already sent me a link to our online local news about it. It turned out that another two shopping malls in my city were evacuated because of this "bomb" too. Guess what. No bomb was found. End of story & someone's pastime activity. 

Now, I really feel bad for being annoyed & amused back then, because... well you never know when these false alarms one day become real in Slovakia.

*Until next time, don't get bored!* 

Friday, 8 August 2014

Hooked on a feeling

By: V. & Z.

Hello everyone!

After a long time we decided to go to the cinema all three of us together. That hasn’t happened since Cloud atlas came out and that makes it a few good months.
On Wednesday Guardians of the galaxy lured us out of our homes. For us (V. and Z.) it is a tradition to go and see every new Marvel movie in the cinema, since we are fans.  After reading all the hyped comments and reviews on Twitter etc. we had high expectations and were not let down. It was pretty amazing. So if you haven’t seen it yet, we highly recommend it. It had everything a good sci-fi movie should have. We loved the jokes and catchy lines, the cast was great and the soundtracks were awesome. Yep, the music felt especially close to us as we used to listen to those exact songs a long time ago :) What can we say? We were hooked on a feeling (You get it? See what we did there? :D Okay.).
But apart from the movie, we also had a good time together. We went to one café before the movie and to another one after. We spent time talking, laughing, complaining, reminiscing and over-thinking stuff as usual.

But it wouldn’t be us, if something embarrassing didn’t happen. As M. was walking towards an escalator she automatically went to the right side of the stairs as it usually is the side that goes up, but she was so wrong. So, so, so wrong. And it took us all one too many minute to realize what happened. M. tried to climb the wrong side of the escalator 3 times before she noticed that the right side was actually going  down and not up. Silly her. We had a good laugh about it throughout the day. 

At the Cinema café enjoying our coffe latte. 

 Selfie in 3D glasses. (excuse the bad quality)

M. & V. posing

 Kiwi&mint smoothie

 Strawberry smoothie

 Café Dias- M.&Z.

Heisenberg spotted on the street! (Are we the only ones that see the resemblance?)

It was a really lovely day. We made yet another good summer memory. :)

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Converting to Divergent?

By: M.


How are you enjoying summer?
I this week have visited my friend Dm. We had one of those movie days. We watched Divergent, although neither of us read it, and then comedy The Other Woman. 

Personally I was nicely surprised by Divergent. Even though I had my usual snarky comments about it (Dm could tell you) I enjoyed that movie far more than I had expected to. First half was kind of MEH but then the plot speeded up and it caught my attention. It had some really cheesy/lame parts, but the atmosphere of the story felt good... I don't know. I just liked it in the end. :D And you know the rule: Book is always better than a movie, sooo now I really want to read it and not gonna lie, Four is by far the most interesting character in the story and probablyyy a reason why I'm intrigued. Also this movie left me with existential crisis like...I would probably be faction less. Haha. *nervously laughing*

Overall it was well-spent day. Dm prepared a lot of nibbles to nibble. :D Chocolate brownie! But then we kept it also healthy by nibbling to raspberries and peaches, you knoooow to balance the sugar & guilt! We talked a lot and were able to snap this amazing selfie! ;P


Also, last week I had kind of a mother-daughter day with my mum and it was super fun. It's been a long time since we went shopping together and spent almost entire day just the two of us. We went for a coffee, since my mum had nameday and she loves coffee way too much it was perfect celebrating choice. She ordered Ethiopian coffee, one of the best coffees in the world according to the menu and after that she told me this day made her happy, which made this moment for me one of my fave memories with my mum. ;) 
And it still makes me smile. 

*Until next time, make amazing memories!* :)