Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September favorites

By: Z.

Hey there,

let me start with stating the obvious: it's October. September went away fast and it makes me only think about how quickly the summer ended. It's like it never even happened. With the first autumn days came also the first days of missing the holidays and wanting it to come back. But hey, I kind of like autumn so I'm gonna at least try and stay positive if nothing else. 
Thinking back, there were a few things that I've been enjoying this past month.

Movie/TV series: OUTLANDER

If you never heard of Outlander you should look it up now :-) It combines the perfect amount of fantasy, romance and history and with the great cast there is nothing I could have enjoyed more during cozy autumn evenings. The first half of the season one already ended but it is based on the book series so there should be a lot more coming up (the second half starts in April- the waiting will kill me for sure :-/ ). It focuses on the story of Claire who enjoys honeymoon with her husband Frank in Scotland but travels back in time to the 18th century. If you're anything like me and enjoy a good love story filled with adventures, strong woman characters and Scottish accent then you should definitely check it out :-)


I kind of feel like cheating because it is the only book I read in September so there isn't really anything else I could put in this category but, hey,  I really did enjoy reading this. I watched the movie first (I know, what have I done?!) and I must say I probably liked it more than the book (whaaaat?). I think that the story was incredible but it wasn't written very well if you know what I mean. It all happened so quickly in the book that there was no time to make some kind of connection with the characters. But as I said, the story... oh, the story. It was so beautiful that I didn't mind the flaws at all. 

"I fell in love the way you fall asleep. Slowly and then all at once."

I loved the characters of Augustus and Hazel Grace, I loved their trip to Amsterdam, I loved their love story and I cried more than once... okay, I cried pretty much all the time :-) But I loved that too. 
                                                                           "Okay?" "Okay." 

I can honestly say that this will be one of those books I will reread and cry like I did the first time.


This isn't a very difficult choice because this song was almost on a constant repeat :-) I like the whole Ultraviolence album very much but Brooklyn Baby somehow sticks out to me the most. Lana just fits into my music world perfectly and was the best choice for those cloudy melancholic September days. 

 "They judge me like a picture book by the colors like they forgot to read." 


I've been combining two nail polishes in September and it was the Maybelline Colorama in the shade 254 and the Astor Fashion Studio in the shade Majestic Lilac. For me they are the perfect fall colors, the nude shade keeps it casual while the deep lilac makes it interesting. I usually painted all my nails nude and then I painted my two ring fingers with the Astor nail polish and it's a combination I know I will often go back to :-)


(small disclaimer for future references: this category will mostly feature my internet obsessions like vlogs, blogs, youtubers, personalities etc...)  

As for my Internet favorites, this month I have been watching A LOT of Dota2 tournaments cheering for my favorite teams. I, myself, am not a very good Dota player (in fact, I kind of suck), but for some reason I really enjoy watching professionals compete against each other. There are many many many tournaments going on at the same time so I have no shortage of my daily Dota2 dose :-) 
(GO Team Secret ;-) )

Anyway, that's probably it for my September favorites. I hope you enjoyed it and it gave you some inspiration (maybe). There may be more favorites coming up in the future with some added categories :-) Have a wonderful October and stay tuned for the International Horror Story :-)

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