Friday, 19 September 2014

Autumn spirit

By: Z.

Some time has passed from my last post but there was really nothing exciting happening. I have been working, moving my stuff to dorm and enjoying the last days of summer holiday. Speaking of… Let’s pretend for a while that school isn’t starting this Monday and let’s focus on something positive. Even though autumn kind of represents the stress of upcoming school months I still like it as a season. J There is always this time in summer when I get excited about fall…
I really love love love those cozy evenings when I get back home, make myself a cup of tea, cover myself with blankets and read a book or watch movie/TV show. There’s just something special about that cool-weather atmosphere that it just doesn’t feel the same during summer or spring. Currently I’m reading The fault in our stars because I loved the movie and I already have a full list of other books I plan on reading.

Since I mentioned the cool weather…I am obsessed with sweater weather because I feel that it represents my fashion style the best. I think that the whole dressing in sweaters is simple and effortless but still looks nice and not sloppy. J

My random pick from ... Here is my profile for those of you who are interested: CORALINEE

Also going to cafés becomes much easier for me now as I can always order tea or hot chocolate which isn’t often the best choice in summer. I really wish that this time I will be able to find more time to meet with M. and V. outside our homes more often. I love it when we can catch up (especially with M. since I live with V.) in our favorite café which doesn’t happen that often because we are lazy and choose to stay at home :D. Yeah, we suck sometimes.

One negative thing, though, is that this time last year I was excited about our approaching little trip to Prague in October and this year there is no such thing :-( So I really don’t have anything to look forward to :-( 

Me and M. in Prague during autumn last year. The weather was amazing- sweater weather at its best :-)

Anyway, that’s about it from me. I hope you have more positive feelings about going back to school than me. I don’t know. I just have this strange feeling that it’ll be extra hard this year. I hope it’s not true, though. 

With lots of love

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