Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Like "Purge" but different

By: V. & Z.


Let’s skip the small talk and cut right to the chase. We happen to be quite the opposite of outgoing (we are not party people), but one night in a year all crazy stuff is allowed. Just like the movie  Purge  minus the crime part. :D
So, it happens to be on 11th of August- Z’s nameday-when we get together and celebrate ‘till the early hours of the morning .
It was just three of us hanging out and getting tipsy on cosmopolitan. We started the cosmo tradition a year ago as a salute to Sex and the city series, because we are classy like that. :D
We discussed many topics, such as the meaning of our lives and (not) being wild&young. You know the drill.
We were planning on going to the club and dance the heck out of ourselves, but apparently on a Monday night the city is empty, so we guess it was not meant to be. So, we kept it calm and simple- lame if you must. But we had fun anyway.

Here is the night in a few photos.

                             The preparation of drinks- cutting the fruits, mixing vodka with juice and M. covering Z. to protect her outfit. :D 

Z.&M. posing for a picture

 And at last 3 throwback photos from last year. At that time we actually managed to go to the club and dance. What a memory- we still think and laugh about it now. :P
But later about that...

Well, untill next year we probably won't be partying the three of us together. (Is it sad? Is it? Really?)

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