Thursday, 24 July 2014

Personal challenge

By: Z.

Hey guys,
I am going through some difficult time right now. Nothing too serious, don't worry, it's just a little personal crisis. I just haven't been completely satisfied with myself lately. I have never been too confident (more like the opposite of confident) but it got a little better over this past year. Many things happened- I'm not going to be too detailed about that now. But in these past few days I realized that I am not satisfied where I am as a person and that it is perhaps time to change and improve. I spent a sleepless night just thinking about stuff and being kind of sad and disappointed and in the morning I realized that it is actually up to me to change everything. And that thinking about stuff doesn't help, it's just an excuse for laziness. 
So long story short: I would love to challenge myself this summer. 
As you might already know I study Korean language and culture and I dare say that I am kind of good at learning foreign languages but I am too lazy to study when I am out of school (like I am right now since it's holiday). And I often think about where I could possibly be if I'd only studied more and not just for exams. So my first challenge is to sit down to books and study for an hour or two everyday to learn the language because nobody is going to learn it for me. 
My second challenge is something much easier and it's running and working out. I have already started cca three weeks ago and I plan to continue with that. So I challenge myself to work out in August as well. 

Photo taken approximately one week ago. It is my WO plan that I stick to with my sister V. We run everyday for about 25 minutes and then we do additional exercise to tone up. It is so great to have a work out buddy (shout out to V. <3)

And the third challenge(probably the most difficult one) is to stop worrying about the things I cannot change and to focus on things I can. This way I hope to become happier but most importantly satisfied with who I am. 
If you have any motivational or inspirational stuff to say I would love to hear it. Also, I challenge you (whoever's reading) to do your own personal challenge and become a better person. If you decide to do so share it with me. And don't forget::: do it for yourself not for somebody else or you're never gonna stick to it.
I'll keep you guys posted :-)

With Love  

Sunday, 20 July 2014

How NOT to run

By: M.

Hello people, especially unlucky like me! :)

So, yesterday was Saturday & I've decided to join V. and Z. for running to pick some healthy habit and try something new, some outdoor activity. I was in want of change in general. How it went? Let's just say this is the first proof how unlucky we can be. :)

- As you can see a I look and feel hopeful, excited, joyful, optimistic.

Uhm, me looking like 12-year-old girl. -_- I swear I'm older.

- My "luck". I was able to find the smallest hole in the ground and tripped. (So much for enjoying sunset ahead of me. *sigh*)  It's been a while since I fell like a kid and got wound. I know, I know... it doesn't look bad, but let me tell you... it stings like hell! But the best part is my ankle. No idea how I was able stand up and then actually run a bit more & get home like normal walking human, but later in the evening and this morning stepping on my right foot is quite painful. It's not swollen (thank God), it's just hit. Tomorrow it should be fine I guess, I hope!
It almost looks like my body repels any sport! Like it was from the start: "Nope. Not gonna happen." 
You know what Body? Suck it up! I want to do something good for you, pick up some healtly habit. Deal with it Body.

Moral of the story? First, don't enjoy sunsets, watch where you put your feet & second, don't give up even if you literally fall down! Because isn't it a nice feeling to prove someone wrong and prove yourself right? Right??? :)

*Until next time, be careful*

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Marriage Mistake recommendation

By: M.


Do you like going to public libraries? Because I do... a lot.
And yesterday I went to my local library with one of my dearest friends, Dm. It's been our tradition since graduating high school. During our busy semesters at uni and studying in different cities these library meet ups helped us to keep in touch and remain great friends 'till this day. :) 
Personally I love coming to library on my own too. Just like that, with no particular book in my mind to borrow. I like browsing through shelves and reading random pages without that look or guilty feeling you might get at bookstores for reading but not buying. You know what I mean? :D Also, I prefer calmness & let's be honest emptiness of the libraries to the crowds in bookstores. 

Lately I don't read as much as I used to and it's really starting to bother me. I want to change it this summer, so I borrowed three books (How optimistic of me, right? But I have decided to trust myself and command myself to accomplish this resolution of mine.) 
Books I borrowed are:
- Romantic lady by W.S. Maugham
- Timequake by K. Vonnegut
- 1984 by G. Orwell

Reason? I've heard & seen many good quotes by them. I'm sucker for good quotes even though I rarely remember them. Maybe that's why I'm in constant search of them. :) I've always admired writers for their ability to reveal you knowledge of the world, life & love just through one or three sentences.

Also, when we were at the library, some employee put this book in a shelf next to us & told us: "Here you go girls, read it." And it would not be weird and kind of funny if it wasn't for the book's title, The Marriage Mistake by Jennifer Probst. I guess she was trying to tell us something...? Aaand maybe I will give it a try library employee, thanks for recommendation.

Have you read any of these books, guys? Let me know.

Until next time, be happy. :)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Is it fifty yet?

By: Z.

Hello everybody!

I thought I would just do a random post about random things and then I remembered that I watched a 50 facts about me tag on youtube today (by Claire Marshall to be more specific) so why not give it a try? J It will probably give you a better perspective on me as a person and coauthor of this blog.
Here we go, this should be fun.

I am a university student (1) studying Korean language and culture (2) and I love it although I find the language part freaking difficult (3). I love cats (4) and animals in general (5) and I cuddle with them whenever I can (6). That probably leads me to another random fact and that is that I love hugs (7). I also love reading (8) and watching movies or TV series (9). I like it better than going out (10) although I do like hanging out with my friends as a normal average person (11). I love taking long walks (12) even all by myself (13). I enjoy being out in nature (14) just as much as I like walking around town/city (15). I like wearing earrings (16) and have tons of them (17). I also like buying new handbags even if I don’t need them (18); I am a girl after all. I get annoyed quite easily (19) and the best way how to cheer me up is to make me laugh (20) as laughing is one my most favorite things in the world (21). I’m kind of patient (22) but kind of not (23), kind of shy (24) but not around people I know well (25). I like exercising in general (26) but cardio is my favorite part (27). I am addicted to Jane Austen’s novels (28) and I read Pride&Prejudice three times (29) and watched the movie probably more than eight times (30)- the one with Keira and Matthew. I also love the book Gone with the wind (31) as well as I like reading fantasy genre (32) which was actually the first genre I read (33). It was Harry Potter (34). I don’t consider myself a nerd (35) although I like some nerdy stuff (36). I love love love going to the cinema (37) but hate when it’s crowded (38). I am a proud chocolate lover (39) and I cannot live without it (40). I’m a day-dreamer (41), mostly awkward (42), often unlucky (43) and generally very creative (44) but lazy as f. (45). I am definitely not a morning person (46) but I don’t like waking up during lunch time (47) even though it happens a lot (48). Sometimes I’m over-thinking stuff (49) and I don’t particularly like being the center of attention (50).

Oh my. That was harder than I expected. :D It’s just random things about me, not even very important. I just wrote down the first thing that came to my mind. I hope I didn't bore you to death. 

See you later.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Gaming, fangirling & obsessing

By: V.

Hi guys,
So you probably don’t know, but gaming has always been a hobby of mine for the longest time. But I have always kept it kind of “oldschool” playing the old classics (Diablo 2, AoE, NFS etc.). So there is no point in calling myself a true gamer because I’m not- at least I don’t consider myself one. (I just wanted to get it out there.)
Anyways, recently I started playing Dota 2 and it was suggested to me by my friend that I should do a post on my Dota 2 experience as a newcomer. At first I didn’t want to, I thought that there wasn’t really much to say, but after giving it a consideration- there is actually a lot. So why not do it, right?

So let me begin.
The game was recommended to me by my friend and many of my classmates. I played a few times, trained with bots at first, but the reason I really got into the game was the “dota community” that was introduced to me (not personally of course). It all began with pro-team players and casters- and who would have ever thought that gamers could be that cute/hot/handsome/you name it… So I continued to watch them play and that really showed me what a great game dota is. You sure learn a lot just by watching. I quickly picked my favorite teams and casters, and stalked them for hours, not to mention my “fangirling”. (I felt creepy a lot, trust me. :D)
All that motivated me to play it more, so I started playing with people instead of bots and the first game was a complete fail…sigh. :D After another few games I learnt that everybody wants to report you, everybody blames the teammates for every lost game, no one ever listens to you, you die a lot and then some more, you get to be called noob a lot and there are so many leavers that will just disconnect from the game when things get rough. Not a very nice first experience, right? :D But I was fully expecting it to be so. After all- we all know those people throughout the internet as well.
Then last month I watched ESL One Frankfurt 2014 (it’s  ESL arranget tournament for dota 2). I literally spent the whole Saturday behind my laptop watching all the matches and messaging with D. on facebook about it. It was so fun. And being a total beginner to dota (and a girl) I always checked photos of every team's player and then cheered for my favorites. (Don't judge- I knew neither the strategies nor all the heroes yet :D.)
And so my obsession has begun. Even nowadays I’m watching The international tournament (big Dota 2 event where the best teams compete for the dota 2 championship) and I’ve been enjoying it so far (except for the fact, that my favorite team is losing so much). I’m still playing, learning to play better, trying out new heroes and stuff. Still long way to go to play decently...
Anyway, that is just my point of perspective as a newcomer.
Keep calm and stay obsessed.

Monday, 7 July 2014

A little sweat ain't never hurt nobody

By: V. & Z.

Hey guys,

so we went for our first summer holiday run today and we managed to run for about 15 minutes (but hey, it's something, right?). We used to run during school semester, but then exams happend and...ah, you know how it goes. :-/
Anyways, it was effin' hot! But (as queen B says) little sweat ain't never hurt nobody. 
After finnishing our run we did some (and by some we mean very little) work out (by Cassey Ho from blogilates- check it out! It is amazing). 

  "If you are still looking cute after, you haven't done it right." Well, we guess we've done it right. :)

Hopin' to keep it up!

Anyway, moral of the story is: no matter how lazy you get or how hot the weather gets you should always push yourself and keep doing what you have always enjoyed doing. Just be active!

Friday, 4 July 2014

The worst pick-up line?

By: M., V. & Z.
Hello fancy people,

we decided to fancy up our lives a bit yesterday and went to see an exhibition of old photos of our home town- Nitra. And because it's totally OUT to arrive on time (not really, just ironically) we hit the pub Zanzibar with our friend D. first. We discussed many topics. Not gonna lie, mostly Dota 2 as we are trying to learn to play and D. is almost pro player we dare to say. But apart from that we talked about our summer plans and reminiscent random stuff. 

Anyway, the exhibition turned out to be a flop. We managed to spend there 15 minutes at top. We were probably captured on some of the photos by their photographer (yep, we are pretty terrified to discover them). 
So let's see some photos taken by us. 

The outside part of the exhibition. The photos of Nitra were hanging on the fence and some places we couldn't recognize. 

 This is the whole building. We quite fancy it. Just...pure awesomeness, guys. Wish you would see it for yourselves in all its glory.

 Inside of the "gallery". M. is showing me some pretty interesting pieces. (You can also spot the reflection of D.)

 Yes, guys. There was food. It looked good but we were reluctant to have a bite 'cause of our awkwardness.
And M. Again. Not just her finger, though.

D. also met one of his old classmates (not a very close one) from high school. He was not pleased. Oh the ancient obligations for a small talk. Let us tell you- we had a pretty good laugh about it.
And then when the uncomfortable feeling of not fitting in was too much to bear we needed to come up with plan B. And quickly. 
Another pub it was.
This time- Čierna hora (Black mountain in translation). We ordered a glass of wine- it was a bit sour though. We had a pleasant time full of gossip, dota 2, music and being hipster-ish. 

 Proof of us having a good time.

Oh, and just as we were about to leave three strangers from the table across said: "Are you leaving already, Kelly family?"
Like...what?! On the outside we played it cool -_-, but on the inside:

Was it supposed to be a pick-up line or...? Should we be offended? What do you guys think?

Now, let us say goodbye, but first let us take a selfie :-D