Friday, 4 July 2014

The worst pick-up line?

By: M., V. & Z.
Hello fancy people,

we decided to fancy up our lives a bit yesterday and went to see an exhibition of old photos of our home town- Nitra. And because it's totally OUT to arrive on time (not really, just ironically) we hit the pub Zanzibar with our friend D. first. We discussed many topics. Not gonna lie, mostly Dota 2 as we are trying to learn to play and D. is almost pro player we dare to say. But apart from that we talked about our summer plans and reminiscent random stuff. 

Anyway, the exhibition turned out to be a flop. We managed to spend there 15 minutes at top. We were probably captured on some of the photos by their photographer (yep, we are pretty terrified to discover them). 
So let's see some photos taken by us. 

The outside part of the exhibition. The photos of Nitra were hanging on the fence and some places we couldn't recognize. 

 This is the whole building. We quite fancy it. Just...pure awesomeness, guys. Wish you would see it for yourselves in all its glory.

 Inside of the "gallery". M. is showing me some pretty interesting pieces. (You can also spot the reflection of D.)

 Yes, guys. There was food. It looked good but we were reluctant to have a bite 'cause of our awkwardness.
And M. Again. Not just her finger, though.

D. also met one of his old classmates (not a very close one) from high school. He was not pleased. Oh the ancient obligations for a small talk. Let us tell you- we had a pretty good laugh about it.
And then when the uncomfortable feeling of not fitting in was too much to bear we needed to come up with plan B. And quickly. 
Another pub it was.
This time- Čierna hora (Black mountain in translation). We ordered a glass of wine- it was a bit sour though. We had a pleasant time full of gossip, dota 2, music and being hipster-ish. 

 Proof of us having a good time.

Oh, and just as we were about to leave three strangers from the table across said: "Are you leaving already, Kelly family?"
Like...what?! On the outside we played it cool -_-, but on the inside:

Was it supposed to be a pick-up line or...? Should we be offended? What do you guys think?

Now, let us say goodbye, but first let us take a selfie :-D


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