Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Is it fifty yet?

By: Z.

Hello everybody!

I thought I would just do a random post about random things and then I remembered that I watched a 50 facts about me tag on youtube today (by Claire Marshall to be more specific) so why not give it a try? J It will probably give you a better perspective on me as a person and coauthor of this blog.
Here we go, this should be fun.

I am a university student (1) studying Korean language and culture (2) and I love it although I find the language part freaking difficult (3). I love cats (4) and animals in general (5) and I cuddle with them whenever I can (6). That probably leads me to another random fact and that is that I love hugs (7). I also love reading (8) and watching movies or TV series (9). I like it better than going out (10) although I do like hanging out with my friends as a normal average person (11). I love taking long walks (12) even all by myself (13). I enjoy being out in nature (14) just as much as I like walking around town/city (15). I like wearing earrings (16) and have tons of them (17). I also like buying new handbags even if I don’t need them (18); I am a girl after all. I get annoyed quite easily (19) and the best way how to cheer me up is to make me laugh (20) as laughing is one my most favorite things in the world (21). I’m kind of patient (22) but kind of not (23), kind of shy (24) but not around people I know well (25). I like exercising in general (26) but cardio is my favorite part (27). I am addicted to Jane Austen’s novels (28) and I read Pride&Prejudice three times (29) and watched the movie probably more than eight times (30)- the one with Keira and Matthew. I also love the book Gone with the wind (31) as well as I like reading fantasy genre (32) which was actually the first genre I read (33). It was Harry Potter (34). I don’t consider myself a nerd (35) although I like some nerdy stuff (36). I love love love going to the cinema (37) but hate when it’s crowded (38). I am a proud chocolate lover (39) and I cannot live without it (40). I’m a day-dreamer (41), mostly awkward (42), often unlucky (43) and generally very creative (44) but lazy as f. (45). I am definitely not a morning person (46) but I don’t like waking up during lunch time (47) even though it happens a lot (48). Sometimes I’m over-thinking stuff (49) and I don’t particularly like being the center of attention (50).

Oh my. That was harder than I expected. :D It’s just random things about me, not even very important. I just wrote down the first thing that came to my mind. I hope I didn't bore you to death. 

See you later.

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