Monday, 7 July 2014

A little sweat ain't never hurt nobody

By: V. & Z.

Hey guys,

so we went for our first summer holiday run today and we managed to run for about 15 minutes (but hey, it's something, right?). We used to run during school semester, but then exams happend and...ah, you know how it goes. :-/
Anyways, it was effin' hot! But (as queen B says) little sweat ain't never hurt nobody. 
After finnishing our run we did some (and by some we mean very little) work out (by Cassey Ho from blogilates- check it out! It is amazing). 

  "If you are still looking cute after, you haven't done it right." Well, we guess we've done it right. :)

Hopin' to keep it up!

Anyway, moral of the story is: no matter how lazy you get or how hot the weather gets you should always push yourself and keep doing what you have always enjoyed doing. Just be active!

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