Thursday, 24 July 2014

Personal challenge

By: Z.

Hey guys,
I am going through some difficult time right now. Nothing too serious, don't worry, it's just a little personal crisis. I just haven't been completely satisfied with myself lately. I have never been too confident (more like the opposite of confident) but it got a little better over this past year. Many things happened- I'm not going to be too detailed about that now. But in these past few days I realized that I am not satisfied where I am as a person and that it is perhaps time to change and improve. I spent a sleepless night just thinking about stuff and being kind of sad and disappointed and in the morning I realized that it is actually up to me to change everything. And that thinking about stuff doesn't help, it's just an excuse for laziness. 
So long story short: I would love to challenge myself this summer. 
As you might already know I study Korean language and culture and I dare say that I am kind of good at learning foreign languages but I am too lazy to study when I am out of school (like I am right now since it's holiday). And I often think about where I could possibly be if I'd only studied more and not just for exams. So my first challenge is to sit down to books and study for an hour or two everyday to learn the language because nobody is going to learn it for me. 
My second challenge is something much easier and it's running and working out. I have already started cca three weeks ago and I plan to continue with that. So I challenge myself to work out in August as well. 

Photo taken approximately one week ago. It is my WO plan that I stick to with my sister V. We run everyday for about 25 minutes and then we do additional exercise to tone up. It is so great to have a work out buddy (shout out to V. <3)

And the third challenge(probably the most difficult one) is to stop worrying about the things I cannot change and to focus on things I can. This way I hope to become happier but most importantly satisfied with who I am. 
If you have any motivational or inspirational stuff to say I would love to hear it. Also, I challenge you (whoever's reading) to do your own personal challenge and become a better person. If you decide to do so share it with me. And don't forget::: do it for yourself not for somebody else or you're never gonna stick to it.
I'll keep you guys posted :-)

With Love  

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