Sunday, 20 July 2014

How NOT to run

By: M.

Hello people, especially unlucky like me! :)

So, yesterday was Saturday & I've decided to join V. and Z. for running to pick some healthy habit and try something new, some outdoor activity. I was in want of change in general. How it went? Let's just say this is the first proof how unlucky we can be. :)

- As you can see a I look and feel hopeful, excited, joyful, optimistic.

Uhm, me looking like 12-year-old girl. -_- I swear I'm older.

- My "luck". I was able to find the smallest hole in the ground and tripped. (So much for enjoying sunset ahead of me. *sigh*)  It's been a while since I fell like a kid and got wound. I know, I know... it doesn't look bad, but let me tell you... it stings like hell! But the best part is my ankle. No idea how I was able stand up and then actually run a bit more & get home like normal walking human, but later in the evening and this morning stepping on my right foot is quite painful. It's not swollen (thank God), it's just hit. Tomorrow it should be fine I guess, I hope!
It almost looks like my body repels any sport! Like it was from the start: "Nope. Not gonna happen." 
You know what Body? Suck it up! I want to do something good for you, pick up some healtly habit. Deal with it Body.

Moral of the story? First, don't enjoy sunsets, watch where you put your feet & second, don't give up even if you literally fall down! Because isn't it a nice feeling to prove someone wrong and prove yourself right? Right??? :)

*Until next time, be careful*

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