Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bomb... I mean fire!

By: M.

Hi guys!

Friday was one unusual day. First I met up with Dm again, for coffee to celebrate her nameday. (Yes another nameday and coffee celebrating. Shout out to coffee.;) ) Then we went shopping. And when we were browsing some clothes in one particular shopping mall, suddenly we heard announcement regarding fire. It ended with, this is not a training.

The "look"

At first I was like: Did I hear correctly? And then I looked and Dm. She had the same look on her face as me. Then the announcement was repeated and shop assistants were already coming to us and pointing us to emergency exit. (I guess I can now tick off this experience from my invisible list of life things and situations. *yay*) So we left through those emergency doors and were kind of stunned and annoyed. Such a luck. Really. We thought to ourselves 'cause I was about to try on something, so... Ah. *being ungrateful and materialistic*

            No lights in restrooms, yep we got back there                                 In front of the shopping mall with fire fighters

Seconds later we learned that someone called in and reported bomb in that shopping mall. So it wasn't fire as they had announced previously. (They lied to us, but I can only imagine the hysteria if we and all the people heard about the no hard feelings announcement guy. *wink*)
And suddenly this "news" amused us. Why were we amused? Let me explain. In Slovakia, there were plenty of these kinds of incidents, but I don't recall if any were like legit. Like real deal, you know. So... We were like 99% sure that this is a prank or false alarm, probably created by some bored teenager or grumpy customer.

Uhm, I'm sporting pink and orange nail polish on my toes. 

When I came home, Dm had already sent me a link to our online local news about it. It turned out that another two shopping malls in my city were evacuated because of this "bomb" too. Guess what. No bomb was found. End of story & someone's pastime activity. 

Now, I really feel bad for being annoyed & amused back then, because... well you never know when these false alarms one day become real in Slovakia.

*Until next time, don't get bored!* 

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