Friday, 8 August 2014

Hooked on a feeling

By: V. & Z.

Hello everyone!

After a long time we decided to go to the cinema all three of us together. That hasn’t happened since Cloud atlas came out and that makes it a few good months.
On Wednesday Guardians of the galaxy lured us out of our homes. For us (V. and Z.) it is a tradition to go and see every new Marvel movie in the cinema, since we are fans.  After reading all the hyped comments and reviews on Twitter etc. we had high expectations and were not let down. It was pretty amazing. So if you haven’t seen it yet, we highly recommend it. It had everything a good sci-fi movie should have. We loved the jokes and catchy lines, the cast was great and the soundtracks were awesome. Yep, the music felt especially close to us as we used to listen to those exact songs a long time ago :) What can we say? We were hooked on a feeling (You get it? See what we did there? :D Okay.).
But apart from the movie, we also had a good time together. We went to one café before the movie and to another one after. We spent time talking, laughing, complaining, reminiscing and over-thinking stuff as usual.

But it wouldn’t be us, if something embarrassing didn’t happen. As M. was walking towards an escalator she automatically went to the right side of the stairs as it usually is the side that goes up, but she was so wrong. So, so, so wrong. And it took us all one too many minute to realize what happened. M. tried to climb the wrong side of the escalator 3 times before she noticed that the right side was actually going  down and not up. Silly her. We had a good laugh about it throughout the day. 

At the Cinema café enjoying our coffe latte. 

 Selfie in 3D glasses. (excuse the bad quality)

M. & V. posing

 Kiwi&mint smoothie

 Strawberry smoothie

 Café Dias- M.&Z.

Heisenberg spotted on the street! (Are we the only ones that see the resemblance?)

It was a really lovely day. We made yet another good summer memory. :)

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